Want To Lose Weight? Fad Diets Won’t Help

When you need to lose weight it is easy to get attracted to diets that promise a quick fix and magic formulas. Unfortunately, these diets do not provide long-term benefits. If anything, they can cause serious health problems. Here are 5 reasons why rapid weight loss fad diets are not the way forward if you need to lose weight.

It’s very tempting to start a diet that promises a quick fix when you need to lose weight. But the most effective way to lose weight is with a healthy balance of nutritious food and proper exercise. Here are 5 reasons why rapid weight loss fad diets are not the best option if you need to lose weight.

1. You Can End Up Putting On More Weight.

Rapid weight loss is typically caused by your body losing water. A fad diet may help you to lose a few pounds but once you return to your normal diet (which you will), all the weight will go back on, and most of the time, it will be more than before you started the diet. This is called rebound weight gain.

2. They Have Poor Nutrition.

Often a rapid weight loss fad diet will not allow you to eat particular food types. This means you lose out on the vitamins and minerals that you would get if you were eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Carbohydrates and fat are usually the foods that are forbidden. But complex carbohydrates, like whole grains actually assist healthy weight loss while omega-3 fats and monosaturated fats are required for brain and heart health.

3. Hair And Muscle Loss.

Rapid weight loss diets usually have poor nutritional value and can lead to you losing your hair and your muscle mass. If your fad diet has low protein, if can cause your hair to become brittle and fall out. When your body needs energy and cannot get it due to a lack of calories it will take it from your muscles. But having more muscle mass can help you burn more calories by boosting metabolism even when the body is at rest.

4. They Often Require Little Or No Exercise.

Most rapid weight loss fad diets are so centered on what you eat, that they overlook the benefits of exercise. In fact exercise is often not recommended due to the minimal quantity of calories being consumed. Exercising on a regular basis raises your metabolism which helps you lose unwanted weight on your body in the form of fat, and also allows you eat more without gaining weight.

5. You Cannot Stay On Them For Ever.

Fad diets are all about rapid weight loss, rather than a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They don’t consider changes to your lifestyle and your tastes, like eating a peice of fruit for dessert instead of a slice of cake. Remember too that it took you years to put on all this weight, it will take time and effort to lose it safely and for good.

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